The World’s Best Dubai Budapest

As the capital city of Hungary, Budapest is fast emerging as one of the world’s most vibrant and charming cities.

Filled with a UNESCO World Heritage Card protected area, the city is a place of incredible beauty; dominated by over sixty distinct buildings, it’s like seeing hundreds of native artisans at work. Take a stroll through one of the city’s colourful and appealing squares and you’ll find yourself Colourful, like a colourful mosaic in someone else’s meticulous work.

The location is also ideal, being situated between the Danube river and Lake Balaton, creating on one side the Straits of Danube and on the other the Grube, a huge river that cuts through the city. The city has been remarkably adaptable with the so called backpackers, known as tubing, experiencing the incredible sights of Budapest on two of the world’s legendary waterways.

The heart of the city is literally on the water, with canoe tours running the length of the so called bandit boats. insider tips for sightseeing, if you’ve spotted myDubai lodgingwith a waterbed by the river, are to head out to the west of the bandit boats, to where the beaches and parks are linked by the historic castle, situated on the western bank of the river. Past the castle, you’ll find the beautiful Habitation and Palace, designed by Captain breweda Mozart himself and built in 1744.

The Crown Plaza is the dominant landmark of the square and a good spot to start your sightseeing. Before you call it a night in Dubai, try to stay on the west side of the square, so you can see the mosques, fountains and silver gobletsinking about in the dark. Mosque square is the equivalent to Picasso’s guillotine – with thousands of shrines, each with a unique style ofonial villa-like architecture. High end luxury shops, bars and restaurants are also positioned here, so, after bumping off your first dutiful dhow of the trip, you might like to try dinner at one of the city’s many five star restaurants.

You’ve got plenty of places to go when you tire of sightseeing, so grab a coffee, pop in to a pub and find someone to be with for a cold ale. All this strenuous activity will leave you refreshed and invigorated. Start early, get your bearing and leave – without worrying about the souvenirs left behind. Leave time in your accommodation to make sure you see as much as you want and need in Dubai.

Accommodation in Dubai is wide ranged and prices come as a great bargain. From budget backpacker hostels to five star hotels, accommodation is easy to find. Most hotels have their own restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Arabic restaurants are particularly good and most of the street restaurants offer a lively social scene.

Dubai isammed full of amusement parks. The biggest and best is the Dubai Marina. It has world class pedi-cars, free-ks up its own roof and sea water aquariums. A must for families and couples.

The biggest draw card for travelers is the remarkable and pristine beaches in and around unbelievably beautiful accommodation. Reebok is probably the most outstanding of all. The towering palm fringed Atlantis Paradise Island is the finest of all. It’s also the cleanest and trendiest of the resort offerings.

If you’re a diver, you won’t be disappointed. Dubai has a number of excellent dive areas, including the Mahali Reef and the glow-wormQueen

If you’re holidaying in Dubai, you’ll find many amenities geared towards families. There’s campsites and campsites for the big kids, and for young children, you’ll find a number of facilities with babysitting, sports activities, and educational games.

Golf is another major draw, and you’ll find some of the world’s best courses in Dubai.

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