The two compelling reasons to visit Jamaica are its warm climate and its vibrant culture. The weather in Jamaica is ideal for travel during all of November through to May. During these months, temperatures average in the range of 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, you risk-free vacation in Jamaica, with the possible exception of during the rainy season from July through October. When the rainy season does erupt, showers are visible across the island almost daily.

The cultural foundation of Jamaica is American, British and distinctly Caribbean-Indian. Tourism has become a large-scale business for the island. Activities range from breathtaking island adventures to laze around in warm beaches. One of the best ways to enjoy a rainy Jamaica is to take advantage of a cultural tour, visiting prestigious areas such as Negril and Montego Bay.

ker 30 miles west of Ocho Rios

Grenada is a rugged mountainous region in the Grenada island chain. Extremely beautiful white-sand beaches flank the dramatic ruins ofonce-powerfulKing’s Landing, the original British settlement.

Grenada is a distinctive Caribbean island. With mountains, trails and sea-to-sea fishing for color, this is theisland of a rare ambiance.

Golf courses here are some of the most pristine in the Caribbean. Add afantastic climate, pristine beaches and a hungry stomach to a recipe for an unforgettable golf vacation.

Grand Cayman

Vacationers who seek a taste of luxury will find Cayman Islands is a natural destination.

It’s a haven for lovers of nature. Nearly 25 percent of the island is protected by national parks and nature reserves. Emerald green tropical forests abounds the pristine white sand beaches of the beaches. The island is also abundant in wildlife, abundant in spas and health spas and cater to a variety of tastes pleasures.

The famous Stingray Sandbar is its signature issue. The sand bar is a sandy crescent ball up to 100 yards across, said to have been formed by the giant rays retracting their tails.

“The Cayman Islands are a haven for lovers of the sea. You can’t imagine anything better than this!” Johninations.com


This little island might not have the biggest population, but it has a fun-loving spirit that captivates almost everyone.When you come down to Jamaica, you’ll find a laid back vibe contagious. Jamaica is very tourist-oriented, very beachy and almost always hot (as long as there’s a nice breeze).

“Jamaica is the perfect island to get away from it all,” says one traveler. “It’s small enough to drive around but large enough to experience a town life with its own pace.”

Jamaica is also a great island for all traveler’s favorites – relaxing beaches, friendly people and world-class tourism.

Saba, West Indies

This island off the North Coast of Jamaica was one of the primary ports of trade for the Spanish Gringos and British Vikings during the sixteenth century. The current Samaba population is only around 350 and the island is considered the Costa Rican Caribbean centerpiece with its lush, tropical scenery and mild climate. Sawyer Point is the island’s busiest port but other towns in the island like Kingston and Bracelet offer excellent places to visit.

An issue to consider when traveling to any foreign country is the communication and dining facilities. Here, again, Jamaica is a destination with good everything.

Very few foreign visitors to Jamaica have been disappointed. Renowned for its hospitality, the island is simple, robust and hospitable.Jamaica is an island that is as warm as the seasons are hot. The islanders are very friendly and varied. Their own slang terms reveal a love for life and an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.

coconuts are as integral to Jamaica as the dodo. The fertile soil in which coconuts grow is said to grant uponlings the power of wisdom.

Although the Jamaican diet shows no signs ofariat, added to an abundant consumption of meat, fruit and vegetation, there is surprisingly no reduction in meat. Red meat is high in protein and provided the right mix of grains and vegetation, Jamaican beef, for example, is said to provide the equivalent of one third of the beef of a conventionally produced world. Sea food is plentiful and well balanced with little herbs or spices. Among the unusual dishes available are coconut milk fried sporkeys, browser peas and red curry sauce. Fruits are also in plenty and juicy, including mango, blueberry, grapefruit,killeloaf, pineapple, rambutan, pineapple and passion fruit.

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